Month: August 2019

Downtown Sarasota Boat Cruise

Wonder about downtown Sarasota’s night life and attractions? How about a day time look at all the cool places and attractions the city has to offer? Here at Sip-N-Cycle we offer a brand new Downtown Sarasota Cycle Cruise! See The Sights During the day time, the city of Sarasota is buzzing with nice attractions and […]

Drink With Friends!

Looking to go out and drink with friends? Why just go to a bar and sit around? Come join us on this “booze cruise” around Sarasota! Whether by bicycle or boat, we bring the party with us around to visit the various attractions of Siesta Key and Sarasota. Bar’s on the Move The usual bar […]

Sarasota Sandbar Cruise

Have you ever taken a trip to any of Sarasota’s beautiful sandbars? Places where many people gather to have fun and enjoy themselves with music, cold drinks, and friends? Take a Sarasota Sandbar Cruise with us to experience Big Pass Sarasota, a large sandbar with gorgeous water and awesome views. Experience why locals and travelers alike […]

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