Dolphin Tours in Siesta Key with a Spin!

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Dolphin tours in Siesta Key are a must see for those who visit out of state! But have you ever wanted to enjoy viewing dolphins and other marine life a little more actively? This time of year the sun is out more often, the dolphins are closer to the surface, and the drinks will be kept colder. Enjoy a cruise with your friends and family and actively follow the sights and dolphins in Siesta Key.

What Kind of Dolphins in Florida?

Did you know that in the state of Florida, there are several dolphin species? The Common dolphin, Bottle-nosed dolphin, and the Atlantic Spotted Dolphin are all species that migrate and swim through our local waters. The most common sighted dolphin are the bottle-nosed dolphins, who playfully show themselves to viewers.  Dolphins happen to be most active on warm and sunny days, which during the summer time is a common occurrence. Imagine sailing along, drink in your hand, sun shining, and beautiful marine sights to behold.

Dolphin Tours and More!

Because we are a peddle boat bar cruise, we can accomplish a number of different things. Looking for Dolphins? No problem! Looking to sail to a few stops and enjoy the day? Can do! Just looking to sail around, drink, and enjoy your time? Welcome aboard! We look forward to taking you and any of your friends and family on many fun adventures. No one cruise will be the same! If you want to learn more about our boat service, click here!


If you  are interested in booking a trip click here! Get seasick? Don’t worry we have bike tours as well to offer for those who want to go around Siesta key and see the different locales and stores. We would be happy  to have you join us for many fun trips and good memories to come.

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