Downtown Sarasota Cycle Cruise

Wonder about downtown Sarasota’s night life and attractions? How about a day time look at all the cool places and attractions the city has to offer? Here at Sip-N-Cycle we offer a brand new Downtown Sarasota Cycle Cruise!

See The Sights

During the day time, the city of Sarasota is buzzing with nice attractions and bustling local life. Are stops to visit during the day include Marina Jack Harbor, the sarasoata coastline, and we will be able to get a view of the city from the water perspective. There are plenty of shops and restaurants on main street Sarasota to visit afterwards! Marina Jack’s Sunshine patio is a great place to go and see the water front and beautiful yachts coming in and out of the harbor while having a few drinks. We’d love to show off the wonderful views of Sarasota Bay and maybe catch the sunset when we are out there if the time is right. Don’t forget to check out the large statue of Medonsa, the sailor kissing the nurse after Japan surrendered in WWII! Its a great place to get some pictures.

During the later Evening is when the night life and pretty atmosphere takes over the area, with plenty of clubs and bars hosting many visitors looking to have fun. There are many stops one could make to enjoy bar crawling and one of the stops is a Tiki bar. Experience the gorgeous skyline at night and see downtown in a dim glow from all the lit streets and experience the music playing in the background. Depending on where you go in downtown you’ll find a different experience and atmosphere making it a more than once visitor haven.

The Downtown Sarasota Cycle Cruise

The Cycleboat is a 31-foot-long catamaran, which is propelled through the water by a large rear paddle wheel which is powered by the pedaling of our riders! We can accommodate up to 16 guests (10 at pedal stations surrounding a central mahogany bar and 6 others on comfortable bench seating) and embark on daily cruises. Seating is first come, first serve. Drinks can be served on the boat as there is a bar in the center where drinks and music can be played. The drinks are BYOB and it is kept at beer and wine only. If you have any questions regarding the Cruise we have our Party Boat page that has all the pickup locations and details on what to expect. We look forward to hosting you and your friends on an electric experience around the water ways of Sarasota!