Drink With Friends!

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drink with friends

Looking to go out and drink with friends? Why just go to a bar and sit around? Come join us on this “booze cruise” around Sarasota! Whether by bicycle or boat, we bring the party with us around to visit the various attractions of Siesta Key and Sarasota.

Bar’s on the Move

The usual bar crawl experience is usually one that has the participant moving from one bar to the next, causally drinking in a different setting and not really doing much of anything else. To us, that could get a bit boring after it has been done so many times. Allow us to offer you a twist to the equation. Instead of sitting down in a bar, how about you sit on a tour that allows you to move around Siesta Key and enjoy your time with friends. The plus side involves us driving you around so you don’t have to! How often do you go on a Sarasota booze cruise with your friends and relatives? The potential for fun is limitless, just notify your driver of any favorite or desired must see areas and just sit back back and enjoy your ride and beverage.

Choose your Pedal Bar!

Feel like boating about on the gulf? How about visiting a sandbar? Have a nice cooler full of drinks and some beautiful sights and fun music to dance to? We got you covered if you wanna join us on our 16 person pontoon style bar boat! The captain will take you around to the popular sights and will take requests if you have a specific place in mind. If you get sea-sick or boating isn’t your thing, don’t worry! We have a bike tour that travels the roads of siesta key that functions similarly to the boat. The only difference is that we can stop at your favorite beaches or restaurants along the way! Contact us and let us know which mode of peddle bar experience you’re ready to give a go!

Brittany Orlando

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