Sarasota Sandbar Cruise

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Sarasota Sandbar Cruise
Have you ever taken a trip to any of Sarasota’s beautiful sandbars? Places where many people gather to have fun and enjoy themselves with music, cold drinks, and friends? Take a Sarasota Sandbar Cruise with us to experience Big Pass Sarasota, a large sandbar with gorgeous water and awesome views. Experience why locals and travelers alike delight in spending time on these island like areas.

What to do on Sandbar’s?

We suggest that if you plan on taking a trip to a sandbar, prepare yourself with Food, drinks, towels, sunscreen and appropriate clothing. For the matter of activities, we normally see many swimming the beautiful crisp, clean water around the sandbar. Paddle boarders often enjoy the light currents around sandbars to paddle around and see the area from all sides. Children like to build sandcastles and play around the shorelines, collect sand dollars, an sometimes find large conch shells for souvenirs. The sandbar is often visited by dolphins and other marine wildlife, thanks to their unique presence gathering many crabs and other small fish. If you bring a snorkel you could see many live sand dollars, crabs, and marine life.

How do we get there? Sarasota Sandbar Cruise!

Our way of traveling if you decide to join us, would be by our new boat which holds 20 passengers! Enjoy up to 3 hours of fun in the sun as we take you to the sandbar, and let you experience it for a while while you catch the sun rays, maybe even a sunset, and enjoy the day as water surrounds you on your own slice of paradise. If you are interested in a Sarasota Sandbar Cruise you can contact us and set up a cruise for yourself, family, and friends. We do hope to see you out on the water! Come thirsty and come ready for some fun!

Brittany Orlando

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