Sarasota Sunset Cruise

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Are you an avid sunset chaser? Do you enjoy standing on a beach or boat and watching the sun set across the horizon? Say no more, but can we propose fun music and some ice cold beverages as well to improve the atmosphere? If you thought, “Hmm that sounds pretty good.” Well do we have something for you. Join us on our Sip-N-Spin Boat and Bike tours to catch the sun setter’s dream locations. Florida isn’t called the sunshine state for nothing now. We can do a long trip that tackles all of Siesta Key’s major attractions and favorite spots while keeping the sun set on the horizon to enjoy. Also, keep an eye out on the horizon and see if you can spot the rare “Green Flash” phenomena that can occur during the tail end of a sunset! We strive to give you a better experience than most Sarasota Sunset Cruise attractions!

The Boat We Use!

The Cycle-boat is a 31-foot-long catamaran, which is propelled through the water by a large rear paddle wheel which is powered by the pedaling of our riders! We can accommodate up to 16 guests (10 at pedal stations surrounding a central mahogany bar and 6 others on comfortable bench seating) and embark on daily cruises. Not one cruise will be the same! There will always be something interesting to do or see, so be sure to visit often!

Party Bike’s and Sunsets!

Sunset Bike Tour

The Boat isn’t the only chance to catch a beautiful sunset. Our Party Bikes will take you to the best locations for sunset viewing via the local Siesta Key Beach or a few of our secret locations that we know about. Our Pedal Party Bike is equipped with 12 pedal stations (2 of which are stationary) and a comfortable bench seat to accommodate 3 additional passengers. Seating is first come, first serve.

Book Your Next Trip With Us!

If you are interested in sailing or biking with us, please click here to find out more. If you want to book a trip with us click here. We would love to take you out on a boat cruise or a bike trip around the beautiful city of Siesta Key. Depending on the time of day you book we might be able to catch the sunset or see some dolphins playing.

Sunset Boat Cruise

Brittany Orlando

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Whether you choose a cruise by land or by sea, bring aboard your favorite beverages & snacks, crank your tunes, Sip, Cycle, and Socialize on a unique excursion unlike anything else.

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